July 6th, 2017

Lee is skilled and experienced in building quality training programs that produce results. That’s a small part of his coaching equation. The bigger part is the relationship that he’s able to develop with his runners. When I met Lee, I was a 3:15 marathon with a toddler and a preschooler at home. 18 months later, I’m a 3:03 marathoner.  That’s what is possible when the coach:athlete relationships is at it’s best.  It’s the relationship that helps us be our best. Lee cares deeply about his runners and we know it. We see it the individual training programs. We see it in the dark, cold rainy nights that he spends watching us workout.  We see it in the one:one attention he takes the time to offer.  We see it when he celebrates hard-earned goals.  We see it in his carefully and wisely chosen words when a runner is down and out.  We see it in his philosophy of fun and enjoyment of the process first.  We see it in the vibrant and cohesive team environment that he has built, where runners are better together and better with him at the helm. Like most runners, I deal with setbacks but I know that I can rely on and trust Lee to help me through setbacks calmly and reasonably; with an eye on long term development and enjoyment of the sport; and with care, kindness and understanding. Beyond the training programs, it’s his care and investment that leads to results.