My self-taught approach resulted in plateauing for three straight marathons. After joining Lee’s group I realized I had not been training properly for several years. Running with a great group of friends and athletes, at the same speed and faster, provides motivation to complete workouts I would never finish on my own. Lee is always extremely responsive to each individual and answers e-mails quickly with personalized responses and plans. After one year my PR was ten minutes faster.


Lee is skilled and experienced in building quality training programs that produce results. That’s a small part of his coaching equation. The bigger part is the relationship that he’s able to develop with his runners. When I met Lee, I was a 3:15 marathon with a toddler and a preschooler at home. 18 months later, I’m a 3:03 marathoner.  That’s what is possible when the coach:athlete relationships is at it’s best.  It’s the relationship that helps us be our best. Lee cares deeply about his runners and we know it. We see it the individual training programs. We see it in the dark, cold rainy nights that he spends watching us workout.  We see it in the one:one attention he takes the time to offer.  We see it when he celebrates hard-earned goals.  We see it in his carefully and wisely chosen words when a runner is down and out.  We see it in his philosophy of fun and enjoyment of the process first.  We see it in the vibrant and cohesive team environment that he has built, where runners are better together and better with him at the helm. Like most runners, I deal with setbacks but I know that I can rely on and trust Lee to help me through setbacks calmly and reasonably; with an eye on long term development and enjoyment of the sport; and with care, kindness and understanding. Beyond the training programs, it’s his care and investment that leads to results.


I started running with the Road Hammers in June of 2016 and was a little intimidated at first but Coach Lee and the other runners in the group are great people and very inclusive of everyone.  The training program that Coach Lee sets up for all is fantastic and it is very motivating running with a group to make you push harder.  At 49 years old and after a decade of doing races, I had a PB in the Moncton half marathon at 1:31:30 in October and then I had a PB in the California International Marathon at 3:17:19 on December 4th.  The Road Hammers group is a competitive group of runners but everyone is racing against time not against each other, and everyone is so positive and supportive of each other that you will feel like you have a new group of best friends.  Coach Lee’s knowledge, experience and guidance will make you a better runner!”


Joining the Road Hammers has been great for my running, both results-wise and social-wise. Running with a group is always better than running alone. The group environment helps me remain committed, have fun, and makes the speed work feel not quite as hard. It doesn’t hurt that this group has such awesome people. Everyone is very positive and supportive, irrespective of speed.

Lee is just what I’d want in a coach. Being a medical student, my life can get hectic at times. Lee understands this and is able to accommodate my needs, adapting my training to fit my life. Most notably, he really emphasizes the importance of having fun and enjoying the sport, while still getting results.
When I joined the group, I had only ran one marathon. I was not used to running high volume and high intensity, but with Lee’s help, I was able to work my way up without injury or wearing down my body. Now I can celebrate a shiny new 8 minute marathon PB, thanks to Lee and the Road Hammers.


Lee McCarron has been my primary coach for the past 5 years. Under his guidance I have developed from an amateur athlete into an elite runner, continuously improving over many distances on the roads, track and cross country courses. Lee goes above and beyond the expectations of a coach with his individualized training plans, presence at structured workouts, strong communication and approachability.


Lee provides the Road Hammers with the coaching and the environment required for members to pursue their own personal best. Regardless of where you start, you will find yourself setting new bests at a range of distances. New runners and established racers will benefit from joining the Road Hammers, provided there is a desire to reach toward one’s limits


I have been running with the Halifax Road Hammers Developmental Group for six months and have improved more in this time than in the previous six years that I’ve been running. Coach Lee’s dedication, commitment and respect for his athletes, and their goals, are second to none. Whether you’re a beginner, elite or somewhere in between, Coach Lee manages to balances over 100 athletes while giving everyone the one-on-one attention they need to reach their goals and set new PBs. Coach Lee’s devotion to the Halifax Road Hammers and the running community makes it easy to show up to the hardest of workouts on the dreariest of days.


Prior to joining Coach Lee and the Road Hammers, most of my running was done solo. I reached a point where my 5k time over the past several years had stagnated and I was unable to improve. Under the guidance of Coach Lee, not only did I improve my 5k time by almost a minute but I also achieved personal bests in both the 6 mile and half marathon.

Training with a group of runners that have similar goals is great; there is always someone to run with no matter how good or bad you feel on a particular day. Coach Lee has the ability to strategically select workouts that will benefit the entire group; this allows his athletes to work together to achieve their goals. Coach Lee is very dedicated to his athletes. Despite having over a hundred athletes under his guidance, he knows exactly who everyone is and what goals they have. His dedication shows through his quick reply to any questions, concerns, or last minute race plans I may have.

Joining Coach Lee and the Road Hammers has been the most beneficial thing I have done for my running. I look forward to continuing to work towards my running goals with Coach Lee and my fellow Road Hammers!


I reached out to Lee the end of 2016 about online coaching after a friend (and Road Hammer) suggested it.  Although hesitant about training with someone I had yet to meet- I jumped all in anyway.  I soon found out distance was not a problem and I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Lee’s plans are personalized, well structured, easy to follow, and he is great at adjusting as we go.  He is quick to reply anytime I have questions or just need a little advice.  His level of dedication to the team and to each of his athletes is undeniable.  With Lee’s guidance and support I exceeded my expectations and went from running a 3:28 marathon to being a 3:20 marathoner in just six months.  More importantly, I was training smarter, enjoying the training, and came out injury free and eager for more.  To sum up what I have learned while working with Lee so far:  be smart, do the work, enjoy the process, and the results will come.  And always listen to the Boss!  You can argue as much as you want, but in the end the Boss [Lee] is always right.

This fall I am making the move from PEI to Halifax and can’t wait to see what I can do with Lee and the Road Hammers in person to push and encourage me even further!”



My journey with the Road hammers began with several looks on the website and no follow through.

My fear of not being good or fast enough kept me from signing up. I finally decided to reach out to Lee McCarron. After a few back and forth emails, he assured me that the Development Group would be a good fit. So I took a leap of faith and showed up for my 1st practice.

Having never experienced a group based workout before I was initially nervous. But after a few weeks and some high fives from my new training partners, I knew I had made a great decision. The group environment pushes me in a way I just wouldn’t on my own.They are warm and welcoming, supportive and encouraging. The friendships have been inspiring.

Coach Lee has helped me to become a stronger runner through individualized training schedule with specific paces. Weekly well designed fun and challenging group workouts and race day plans.

I am thrilled at my age that I was able to PB at the Fredericton half marathon this past spring after only a few short months of being with the group.

I am looking forward to training for a marathon with my teammates and toeing the line, where I will wear my Road hammer singlet proudly!


I was unsure how I would continue competitive running after I stopped running in University. Halifax Road Hammers was the perfect solution. Coach Lee is very approachable and easy to talk to. The relaxed atmosphere at practices makes even the hardest workouts fun! It is arguably one of the only competitive running groups that can help you achieve your goals no matter what stage in life you are at. It is more than just a group of people hitting the roads; it’s a family—helping each other stay fit and healthy.


Being fairly new to the sport of running I found myself struggling to make any consistent progress. After stumbling upon the Halifax Road Hammers Facebook page and coming out for a few sessions with the development group I knew i was in the right place if I wanted to improve and have fun doing it. The Road Hammers have a great group of people with a great coach who provides structured, progressively challenging and varying workouts. This year has been full of personal bests for me at the 5k, 10k and half marathon distance and I owe it all to the Halifax Road Hammer training!


Training with the Halifax Road Hammers the past few years has been very exciting, and running with the group is something I look forward to all work day (especially on those sunny, summer workout days where you just feel antsy to get out the door and run!). As many runners graduate from university or high school, they often face a crossroads. Namely, “Do I continue training and racing at a competitive level in the sport I love?” or, “Do I “get serious” with facing the realities of the working world (or further academics)?”

Coach Lee has been instrumental in helping me bridge this transition; helping me keep my passion for the sport, while also accomplishing other goals in life. Providing a post collegiate setting for passionate runners is something that the Halifax Road Hammers have successfully pulled off, and is a rare find. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just a bunch of young guns ripping around… and that’s what creates an incredibly inspiring setting. Learning from the older, more experienced, runners in the club is an invaluable resource that proves running really can be a life-long activity, no matter your age or ability level. Fostering this inclusive and positive environment is what the Halifax Road Hammers (and Coach Lee) are all about. It is the reason for which I will continue to enjoy being a part of the Road Hammer family for years to come. Can’t wait for more epic memories built by road trips, relays, and red-eye flights.


The key benefits of training with the Road Hammers for me is the team environment Lee fosters.  The other runners are constantly challenging me which has not only improved my running but made running fun again.


I first contacted Lee in early 2017 because my self-directed marathon training had gotten stuck and I was seeing Road Hammers singlets on a lot of the really strong local runners. Lee’s well crafted workouts and tailor made race plans allowed me to shave over 15 minutes off my marathon time in a year. I was able to run strong all winter and am on track to finally qualify for Boston soon.

The well-crafted workouts and the amazing team energy keeps me energized and allows me to push harder than I thought was possible. I would recommend the Road Hammers for anyone looking to take their training to the next level!


I had never been a part of a competitive running club but was convinced by some other members to give it a try to help bring out my running potential. I joined the Road Hammers in January 2018 with the goal of completing my first full marathon in May 2018. With Lee’s structured training plan and group workouts after only 19 weeks I crushed my goal and captured a Boston Qualifying time in my marathon debut. Having the competitive yet fun group dynamic during workouts makes it very enjoyable and motivates you to work hard while feeling like you are hanging out with friends. Coach Lee is very approachable and helpful in creating and adjusting personal training plans based on goal races and personal ability. I highly recommend the group to anyone looking to join a friendly and welcoming group that will help bring out the best in their running.


After being injured and unable to run for part of 2016/2017, I needed to find a coach who could help me understand and focus on good quality running. An email to coach Lee and a trial run with the Road Hammers development group I knew this was the running club for me. Lee’s coaching combined with hard work and the inspiration from the team has helped me achieve a PB in every race I’ve completed since joining the team, and the running confidence to strive for better.


Coming from a sprinting background, I didn’t think I had the ability to succeed in long distance running. When I reached out to Lee in the beginning of 2017, I never would have thought I would progress to the point I am at today. Not only did Lee help me shave off almost 30 minutes from my half marathon time in only 6 months, but I also broke many personal bests in the 5k and 10k distance. The carefully constructed training plans provides guidance, while also keeping it flexible to fit your schedule. Not only will you enjoy the training process, but you will no doubt be satisfied with the end result. Weekly group practices are what I look forward to no matter how difficult the workout might be. The team environment allows you to push yourself while also pushing each other to run your very best. No matter what your goal might be, I highly recommend reaching out to coach Lee and coming out to a workout to see what the fun is all about!


After several years of running, I was looking to improve my marathon time and decided to give the Halifax Road Hammers a try.

I was a bit nervous at first but Coach Lee and the group were very welcoming. My whole family has now participated in the Development, Performance and the Junior Road Hammers groups. All five of us would highly recommend training with the Road Hammers and have enjoyed it and feel like our running has improved.

The structured group workouts are challenging and so much better to do in a group. The great company keeps you motivated to succeed by pushing ourselves and each other.

I’ve run two marathons with training plans that Lee has provided and improved in each one. He understands how to put together an effective training plan and how to teach all the little things involved in becoming a better runner. He’s extremely knowledgeable and always quick to answer any questions or help make changes when needed.

Training for distance running is hard and you have to put in the work but with the right group it can be fun! When people work together to help one another achieve their goals, great things happen. This is what I get when I run with the Halifax Road Hammers.


I began running with the Road Hammers Developmental Group in July 2017.  Prior to Coach Lee and the Road Hammers, I had done most of my training alone and without much guidance.  At first, I was a little intimidated but I quickly realized that the Road Hammers are a very inclusive group for all levels of runners.  The weekly workouts, group environment and personalized training plans provided by Coach Lee have been instrumental for me in achieving my goals.  In the past year with the Road Hammers, I have improved my full marathon PB set in 2011 by nearly 14 minutes and I look forward to training for my next marathon with the Road Hammers.  It is incredible to see fellow Road Hammers consistently improving and surpassing their goals.  I strongly recommend the Road Hammers to anyone looking for an amazing group running atmosphere, structured workouts, and wishing to improve their personal bests.


After years of running on my own and pulling together training programs from online resources or my own self learning, I had plateaued with my fitness. Joining the Halifax Road Hammers enabled me to join a fantastic and supportive team that makes running fun as well as motivating. Coach Lee customizes training plans that are tailored to each team members specific goals. Under his coaching I have achieved my personal best 10K and half marathon and am planning on tackling a marathon and a Boston Qualifier with his guidance and expertise. Practices are timely and well-structured along with monthly social gatherings post practice.

Joining the Road Hammers has enabled me to become a more successful runner. Regardless of current running times when a new runner joins, this fantastic running group facilitates a positive culture that will push any runner to enjoy the sport more and achieve their goals.


A group of us in the Valley had been using a generic marathon training program for the last few years which suited its purpose at the time – mainly to get us out running regularly and to slowly build up our distance.  However, after the Chicago marathon in 2017, the idea of starting the same old schedule AGAIN was not enticing at all and we were all on the hunt for something different.  One of our friends suggested Lee and the Road Hammers to us, and we literally haven’t looked back!  I will say I was a bit skeptical about having a coach in the city (about a two hour drive away) and whether it would be as beneficial to me as those people that were able to attend the practice sessions in person, but so far the whole experience has been above and beyond what I had hoped for!  One of the biggest benefits personally has been having someone to push me outside my comfort zone.  I run marathons, so why would I want to run a 5km race??  Turns out that I’d want to run a 5km race because it’s hard, and it makes me a stronger runner physically and mentally, and most importantly because it’s fun to get together with 80 other runners and wear cool swag and push ourselves!  Lee has taught me about fuelling for my runs, has given me a schedule that’s personalized and fluid depending on what I’m training for and what’s going on in my life, has taken the time to get to know me and my goals, knows the fine line of pushing me to challenge myself without making the training overwhelming, and has even made special trips to have training runs with the “Valley Chapter”.  It’s also been amazing to be part of a running community that is positive, encouraging, and inclusive of all levels.

I’m extremely thankfully to have joined the Road Hammers and to have Lee to give me that little nudge to try new things because as the saying goes “the magic happens outside your comfort zone”!


“I hired Coach Lee because of peer pressure. I didn’t want to spend money on a coach if I was never going to become an elite runner. Turns out peer pressure can be a very positive thing. I’m still never going to be an elite runner, but that’s not what running is about for me. With Coach Lee, my running has focus, and I have set limits that are well above limits I ever thought I would reach. And with hard work on my part, and intelligent, dedicated advice on Coach Lee’s part, I’m reaching those limits and setting new ones. I’m learning about myself and about running and I’m part of something that has benefits that lift me higher than any podium ever could. As a bonus, I’ve met some amazing people and had a lot of fun along the way. Coach Lee is a good investment.”


I joined the Halifax Road Hammers in April 2017, and I have had nothing but continual person bests, in every distance.  I was aware of this group and Coach Lee, from a Run Nova Scotia newsletter I had read, seeing them at races as well as my old Coach recommended Coach Lee. Although I don’t live in Halifax, I try to make a few workouts when I can.  Initially intimidating, within 30 seconds of showing up for my 1st workout,  I immediately felt welcomed into this amazing group.  Coach Lee is always there to answer questions, go over race plans, give you fuelling advice and he always responds promptly.  I love being a Road Hammer, because I know Coach Lee will continue to take me to the next level!


I was never active in my life before and no background in fitness and running. I then decided to pick up running for a short distance and never turned back. But my running stamina came to a standstill after racing for few years and not hitting the time goal I wanted.

That’s when my friend Bea told me about Halifax Road Hammers and I decided to join them. That’s when my 2018 season went great and it has been the best year so far for me since I started running. Training for two marathons this year really brought me out of comfort zone, especially long runs combined with workouts helped me to be both physically and mentally stronger which is what I was badly missing previously. This really came to play in the last 10 km of the Fredericton and Toronto marathons when I felt mentally stronger to finish the race with good time. I learned to hang on to the pace and not let it go. Plus workouts are much better when done with the group.

I am very thankful to Coach Lee for all the guide and support as I wouldn’t be here where I am if not for the right training plan and advice. I look forward to another year of great races


Prior to joining the HRH in June 2018, I was a strict “fair weather runner” and had never ran more then 10km (once!) in my life.  At that time, I had a lot of friends running half and full marathons and felt I was missing out on something. Since then, I have become hooked on running and completed two half marathons with a 14 minute PB on the second. However, it is the amazing people and friendships that I have developed since joining the HRH that keep me coming back for more –  even in the wind, rain, snow, and occasional heat wave.


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Coming from a sprinting background, I didn’t think I had the ability to succeed in long distance running. When I reached out to Lee in the beginning of 2017, I never would have thought I would progress to the point I am at today. Not only did Lee help me shave off almost 30 minutes from my… “Annie”

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