My self-taught approach resulted in plateauing for three straight marathons. After joining Lee’s group I realized I had not been training properly for several years. Running with a great group of friends and athletes, at the same speed and faster, provides motivation to complete workouts I would never finish on my own. Lee is always extremely responsive to each individual and answers e-mails quickly with personalized responses and plans. After one year my PR was ten minutes faster


Lee is skilled and experienced in building quality training programs that produce results. That’s a small part of his coaching equation. The bigger part is the relationship that he’s able to develop with his runners. When I met Lee, I was a 3:15 marathon with a toddler and a preschooler at home. 18 months later, I’m a 3:03 marathoner.  That’s what is possible when the coach:athlete relationships is at it’s best.  It’s the relationship that helps us be our best. Lee cares deeply about his runners and we know it. We see it the individual training programs. We see it in the dark, cold rainy nights that he spends watching us workout.  We see it in the one:one attention he takes the time to offer.  We see it when he celebrates hard-earned goals.  We see it in his carefully and wisely chosen words when a runner is down and out.  We see it in his philosophy of fun and enjoyment of the process first.  We see it in the vibrant and cohesive team environment that he has built, where runners are better together and better with him at the helm. Like most runners, I deal with setbacks but I know that I can rely on and trust Lee to help me through setbacks calmly and reasonably; with an eye on long term development and enjoyment of the sport; and with care, kindness and understanding. Beyond the training programs, it’s his care and investment that leads to results.


I started running with the Road Hammers in June of 2016 and was a little intimidated at first but Coach Lee and the other runners in the group are great people and very inclusive of everyone.  The training program that Coach Lee sets up for all is fantastic and it is very motivating running with a group to make you push harder.  At 49 years old and after a decade of doing races, I had a PB in the Moncton half marathon at 1:31:30 in October and then I had a PB in the California International Marathon at 3:17:19 on December 4th.  The Road Hammers group is a competitive group of runners but everyone is racing against time not against each other, and everyone is so positive and supportive of each other that you will feel like you have a new group of best friends.  Coach Lee’s knowledge, experience and guidance will make you a better runner!”


Joining the Road Hammers has been great for my running, both results-wise and social-wise. Running with a group is always better than running alone. The group environment helps me remain committed, have fun, and makes the speed work feel not quite as hard. It doesn’t hurt that this group has such awesome people. Everyone is very positive and supportive, irrespective of speed.

Lee is just what I’d want in a coach. Being a medical student, my life can get hectic at times. Lee understands this and is able to accommodate my needs, adapting my training to fit my life. Most notably, he really emphasizes the importance of having fun and enjoying the sport, while still getting results.

When I joined the group, I had only ran one marathon. I was not used to running high volume and high intensity, but with Lee’s help, I was able to work my way up without injury or wearing down my body. Now I can celebrate a shiny new 8 minute marathon PB, thanks to Lee and the Road Hammers.