July 6th, 2017

Joining the Road Hammers has been great for my running, both results-wise and social-wise. Running with a group is always better than running alone. The group environment helps me remain committed, have fun, and makes the speed work feel not quite as hard. It doesn’t hurt that this group has such awesome people. Everyone is very positive and supportive, irrespective of speed.

Lee is just what I’d want in a coach. Being a medical student, my life can get hectic at times. Lee understands this and is able to accommodate my needs, adapting my training to fit my life. Most notably, he really emphasizes the importance of having fun and enjoying the sport, while still getting results.
When I joined the group, I had only ran one marathon. I was not used to running high volume and high intensity, but with Lee’s help, I was able to work my way up without injury or wearing down my body. Now I can celebrate a shiny new 8 minute marathon PB, thanks to Lee and the Road Hammers.