July 6th, 2017

I started running with the Road Hammers in June of 2016 and was a little intimidated at first but Coach Lee and the other runners in the group are great people and very inclusive of everyone.  The training program that Coach Lee sets up for all is fantastic and it is very motivating running with a group to make you push harder.  At 49 years old and after a decade of doing races, I had a PB in the Moncton half marathon at 1:31:30 in October and then I had a PB in the California International Marathon at 3:17:19 on December 4th.  The Road Hammers group is a competitive group of runners but everyone is racing against time not against each other, and everyone is so positive and supportive of each other that you will feel like you have a new group of best friends.  Coach Lee’s knowledge, experience and guidance will make you a better runner!”