March 4th, 2019

I was never active in my life before and no background in fitness and running. I then decided to pick up running for a short distance and never turned back. But my running stamina came to a standstill after racing for few years and not hitting the time goal I wanted.

That’s when my friend Bea told me about Halifax Road Hammers and I decided to join them. That’s when my 2018 season went great and it has been the best year so far for me since I started running. Training for two marathons this year really brought me out of comfort zone, especially long runs combined with workouts helped me to be both physically and mentally stronger which is what I was badly missing previously. This really came to play in the last 10 km of the Fredericton and Toronto marathons when I felt mentally stronger to finish the race with good time. I learned to hang on to the pace and not let it go. Plus workouts are much better when done with the group.

I am very thankful to Coach Lee for all the guide and support as I wouldn’t be here where I am if not for the right training plan and advice. I look forward to another year of great races