August 10th, 2017

Prior to joining Coach Lee and the Road Hammers, most of my running was done solo. I reached a point where my 5k time over the past several years had stagnated and I was unable to improve. Under the guidance of Coach Lee, not only did I improve my 5k time by almost a minute but I also achieved personal bests in both the 6 mile and half marathon.

Training with a group of runners that have similar goals is great; there is always someone to run with no matter how good or bad you feel on a particular day. Coach Lee has the ability to strategically select workouts that will benefit the entire group; this allows his athletes to work together to achieve their goals. Coach Lee is very dedicated to his athletes. Despite having over a hundred athletes under his guidance, he knows exactly who everyone is and what goals they have. His dedication shows through his quick reply to any questions, concerns, or last minute race plans I may have.

Joining Coach Lee and the Road Hammers has been the most beneficial thing I have done for my running. I look forward to continuing to work towards my running goals with Coach Lee and my fellow Road Hammers!