August 28th, 2017

Training with the Halifax Road Hammers the past few years has been very exciting, and running with the group is something I look forward to all work day (especially on those sunny, summer workout days where you just feel antsy to get out the door and run!). As many runners graduate from university or high school, they often face a crossroads. Namely, “Do I continue training and racing at a competitive level in the sport I love?” or, “Do I “get serious” with facing the realities of the working world (or further academics)?”

Coach Lee has been instrumental in helping me bridge this transition; helping me keep my passion for the sport, while also accomplishing other goals in life. Providing a post collegiate setting for passionate runners is something that the Halifax Road Hammers have successfully pulled off, and is a rare find. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just a bunch of young guns ripping around… and that’s what creates an incredibly inspiring setting. Learning from the older, more experienced, runners in the club is an invaluable resource that proves running really can be a life-long activity, no matter your age or ability level. Fostering this inclusive and positive environment is what the Halifax Road Hammers (and Coach Lee) are all about. It is the reason for which I will continue to enjoy being a part of the Road Hammer family for years to come. Can’t wait for more epic memories built by road trips, relays, and red-eye flights.